Friday, August 12, 2016

Actual Play- Slayer Cake

You can read about my experience with Slayer Cake, by Evan Torner and Kat Jones, here:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

New World Magischola

These are my New World Magischola thoughts and reflections.

This post contains some of my initial thoughts on the gameworld and the Houses of the school. It was written shortly after the final House was revealed.

This post contains my personal reflection from playing Alfred Contreras, a Professor of Magical Theory and Ethics in the third run of the game.

Living Games Conference 2016

These are all my Actual Play reports from the larps I played at the 2nd Living Games Conference in Austin, TX 2016.

#Feminism Sampler, specifically You've Come a Long Way Baby.

Golden Cobra Sampler, specifically A Crow Funeral and The Lofty Beacons.

I Say a Little Prayer

Emotional Baggage


I have just begun this blogspot as a hub for me to post my play reports on various games, especially larps (live-action role-playing games), which I use as an artistic-media for personal reflection.